The "Cantar Leggendo" method is rooted in the teachings of Zoltán Kodály, and before him in those of the musical genius of Guido D’Arezzo. In the 10th century A.D., the latter needed to find a way to teach children how to read the language of sounds in an easy way, in order to make them able to learn new songs quickly.

Almost a century later, Zoltán Kodály found himself in the same situation: he did not know how to teach people to read music easily through sounds rather than by learning the notes off by heart. He discovered Guido D’Arezzo’s musical pedagogy, and developed his own teaching method from it.

When Roberto Goitre went to Hungary, he finally realized what the potential of Kodály’s work was and brought his teachings back home. He analysed all the programs and projects from the Hungarian school of music teaching, focusing on Kodály’s and Guido D’Arezzo’s methodologies.

In 1972 Goitre was ready to present the "Cantar Leggendo", a book to be sung rather than to be read!