In 1981 Mario Pigazzini took the reins of the choir after Roberto Goitre, who passed away unexpectedly in 1980. Pigazzini grew up following Goitre’s method and believed in the Farnesiano Choir dream. Therefore, he defined the plan of the three-year course to enter the Children’s Choir, as well as the evening courses for adults wishing to make steps towards reading music. Following such training, the Master decided to build the Youth Choir and the Mixed Choir, and then an instrumental group to accompany the choir through a repertoire where an orchestra is needed.

Mario Pigazzini's choirmaster career focused especially on teaching choral music. His strong conviction in the validity of the "Cantar Leggendo" method by Roberto Goitre, led Mr. Pigazzini to study it more in depth and test it with all choirs under his direction. Mr. Pigazzini also taught didactics of music and directed Lesson-concerts to present the "Goitre" method throughout Italy and other countries such as Greece, France, Germany, Andorra, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland and Belgium. At Piacenza's "G. Nicolini" Conservatoire in 2004-2005 he led the annual training courses meant to prepare teachers in music education.

In 2005-2006 at Cagliari's Conservatoire, Mr. Pigazzini was invited to hold a course on the "Cantar Leggendo" method.
He was Professor for the Choir training classes at Piacenza's Conservatoire until 2010.
Since 1981 he has been directing in Piacenza the three choirs that form the Polifonico Farnesiano : the Children's Choir, the Youth Choir and the Mixed Choir.