The extraordinary homogeneity of the three groups forming the Polifonico Farnesiano Choir derives from its common musical training and puts the Choir in a special niche within the national singing context. Artistic production, when supported by musical reading proficiency, can do wonders: from singing Gregorian chants to Renaissance music, from Baroque music to Classical, from the Romantic music to contemporary productions. All concerts organised by the Choir tend to have a precise collocation in time and concur to form a rich and varied cultural background for its singers and the public. Again, one of the aims of the three Choirs (Children’s, Youth and Mixed) is to carry out a historical research on composers by following their individual performing characteristics.

The three choral groups achieved successful results both at national and international level:

– Children’s Choir: 3rd prize at Concorso Internazionale in Arezzo (Italy).

– Youth Choir: 1st prize Summa cum Laude at the International Contest in Neerpelt, Belgium.

– “Mixed Choir: 1st prize at Romantic Music Contest in Veszprem, Hungary.