The Polifonico Farnesiano Choir was born in Piacenza in 1976 thanks to the initiative of Master Roberto Goitre. The Choir is the realization of a brilliant idea that comes from teaching methodology of "Cantar leggendo". From the very beginning Master Goitre focuses on children, who are the ideal breeding ground for choral experimentation

The first group is in fact composed of fifty children who began training courses adopting the “movable do” method. Two years later, same educational methods are applied to a group of thirty adults: in a short time newly born Mixed Choir is performing concerts and participating in choral festivals.

After the demise of the founder-director in 1980, Mario Pigazzini, took the reins of the choir. He grew up following Goitre’s teaching. In 1984 Master decided to introduce the Youth Choir, composed of girls who have already been through the Children’s Choir.