The Youth Choir is an ideal way to continue the path started in the Children’s Choir: it is a group whose members already possess a high level of musical and choral expertise, as well as a constant commitment to rehearsals.

The Youth Choir is composed of girls aged 15 to 23, who have already been through the Children’s Choir. The girls generally study a wide-ranging repertoire, which spans from Renaissance music to contemporary works. Their musical culture has brought them to national and foreign exchanges with other choirs, as well giving them the chance to take part in choral contests. In 1998, the Youth Choir won the first prize "Summa cum laude" at the International Contest in Neerpelt, Belgium.

As a group that share a common background, the girls work in harmony at the weekly rehearsals and achieve brilliant results.

The Youth Choir is a sort of "small community" where members exchange opinions and impressions, sharing their own voice. The most beautiful thing about the group is working together, singing to socialize and aggregate, growing at the same pace. Singing in a choir means being able to live in harmony with other people by keeping alive the spirit within oneself: rehearsing constantly to reach satisfying results, where each component is essential to making the whole mechanism work.

At times it is difficult to keep all the girls together with constant commitment because at such an age they are experiencing new challenges in life (secondary school, university, work, etc.), but they are well aware that the Thursday rehearsal is mandatory and necessary to reach a common result.

The girls from the Youth Choir feel that singing is above all a pleasure. On Thursday evening they meet up before rehearsals, chat about their week, and warm up their voices by vocalising. The friendships that started in the Children’s Choir often live on throughout the Youth Choir, thus tightening bonds that live on outside the Choir.