The Children’s Choir within the Coro Farnesiano was founded in 1976, when Roberto Goitre decided to bring to Piacenza the same enthusiasm that the Piccoli Cantori in Turin had shown. Above all, he wanted to once again test the children’s response to his teaching method

In the Preface to Cantar Leggendo in 1971, Goitre described the objective of his research: "To learn while having fun and discovering the world of sound that children possess, something that belongs to each and every one of us from birth: our voice. I do believe that music can be read and written just like any spoken language".

Mario Pigazzini took this idea on board in 1981 by expanding and elaborating Goitre’s methodology. In these years, he created a teaching structure based on four years of pre-courses and exams. This learning path is necessary to develop both ability and confidence in using one’s voice, so as to make children able to learn whilst enjoying the polyphonic masterpieces.

The fifty children of the Choir are the living proof of how a skilfully planned project can result in a consolidated course that lives on and grows. As children discover their own voices, they also play with and unveil a kind of music that does not generally belong to their everyday culture.

The Children’s Choir experienced numerous exchanges with other choirs, especially abroad (in Greece, France, Hungary, Belgium, Germany, the Czech Republic, Austria and Switzerland), and it also participated in several operas (Suor Angelica, Cavalleria Rusticana, Wir bauen eine Stadt, Werther, Tosca, La Gioconda, Brundibar, Carmen, Bohème) thus bringing their singing experience outside Piacenza, broadening their horizons.